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Career-related Learning in Primary

Career-related Learning in Primary - The Role of Primary Teachers

and Schools in Preparing Children for the Future

By Dr Elnaz Kashefpakdel, Jordan Rehill and Dr Deirdre Hughes OBE.

This is a report commissioned by Tech First and sponsored by the AKO foundation with the primary focus on how the implementation of career development activities influence children in primary school.

As stated in their main findings,

"Children growing up in the 21st century will be seeking careers in an environment characterised by change, chance and uncertainty (World Economic Forum, 2018). Findings from the literature review indicate childhood experiences are foundational in the construction of identity; observations of attitudes towards work within families, cultural stereotypes, and influence of the media may influence children’s meaning of work and in turn their occupational identities. The term ‘career-related learning’ (CRL) comprises of early childhood activities in primary schools designed to give children from an early age a wide range of experiences of and exposure to education, transitions and the world of work. This is part of a lifelong learning and career development process".

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