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Course Seeker

Study the course that is right for you!

Thousands of on-campus and online courses across Australia in one place.

The Department of Education and Training in partnership with the Tertiary Admissions Centres across Australia have developed a new national higher education admissions information platform. This was a key recommendation of the Higher Education Standards Panel in its October 2016 report ‘Improving the Transparency of Higher Education Admissions’.

The new website ‘Course Seeker’ contains a national course comparison tool which allows students to search, select and compare up to four higher education courses nationally across different institutions and/or study areas. The website also allows students to filter course search results by ATAR, mode of study, study area and location.

Course Seeker will provide prospective students with transparent information about Australian higher education admissions. This information will assist students in making choices regarding their tertiary education study.

Promotion of the website to students will commence via social media following the conclusion of Year 12 exams.

I encourage you to take the time to visit the website at


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