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What works? Career-related Learning in Primary Schools

By Dr. Elnaz Kashefpakdel, Jordan Rehill (Education and Employers) and Dr. Deirdre Hughes BE (DMH Associates)

About this paper

"This paper provides evidence of the benefits of career-related

learning (CRL) for children in primary school. The term 'careerrelated

learning' includes early childhood activities in primary

schools designed to give children from an early age a wide range

of experiences of, and exposure to, education, transitions and

the world of work. The research compiles evidence on the

career-related learning of primary aged children’s decisions,

aspirations and attitudes. In doing so this paper maps key

actions being taken by primary schools to support children’s

transitions to secondary school and beyond. It considers how

primary schools approach career-related learning and offers

guidancon evidence-based practice".

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